How do we live with ASD, ADHD? (I am one of them who answers.)

Hello, everyone. My name is Kazu.
from Kobe city in Japan. I speak in English/Japanese(native).

I’m here for something I may be able to help you,

I am ASD(高機能自閉症) & ADHD person.
(I have more complicated things but most of symptoms are from them.)
I can communicate how I live with it together since I was born.
If you need the information for your lecture,
build VR simulation, works, papers or something.
Of course, all parents who is confused “What should I do to my love!”,
Please don’t hesitate to ask me.
I will answer as I possible,when I visit here.
I’ll do my best as I possible as one of members here.
(*but I am not Dr. or somebody like that, so I can’t answer urgent situation.)
There’s difference each people because it’s so unique,
However, I hope you’ll get something what you’d like to know.
(I welcome dear PDIS members,too.)

I’ve experienced;

  • I skipped school
    *Learning Disability(especially, mathematics).
    *I repeated a grade.(in the high school)
    *I tried university entrance exams 4 times.(I could graduate.)
    *Abuse of authority.
    *Harassment ( I’m as LGBT.)

By the way, I speak in English now,
I could speak only in Japanese till the middle of 20s.
“Hello-Thank you- Goodbye.”
But now you see which language I’m speaking here.
You may say “ok, you were gifted or you made efforts enough.”
The answer is clearly, “no.”
And I’m still working on learning.

There’s hope each people.
I don’t say irresponsible “you can do it!”.
However, I always open my heart to you.
I don’t mind your any situation or stage.
Because I’ve grown up nearly hopeless situation.

多謝你 for reading.
Love for all,