Request for your cooperation on Japanese TV show

Dear Ms. Audrey Tan,

My name is Wakako Muto. I’m a TV director, and am in charge of “Direct Talk” on NHK WORLD-JAPAN.

We’re also planning the other new talk show.
It has 5 minutes. We will be speaking with leaders fighting against Covid-19 all over the world via Internet.
So we’re thinking of interviewing you on either show.

We’re really impressed Taiwanese are dealing with Covid-19 using IT.
And I heard that you led those projects.
Also, I read your this interview. That was amazing.

If it’s possible, we would like to film you via Internet (zoom or skype) in June.
We’ll ask you questions about how providing masks project was going and what are you thinking about post Corona.
It will take 30 min.

If you’re interested in ours and give us your time,
we would really appreciate.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Wakako Muto (Ms)
Director of “Direct Talk”