:raising_hand_woman: 今年 6 月,網友 Elsie 在公共政策網路參與平臺提案「獸醫得合法使用人藥醫治動物,動物之醫療應由獸醫專業把關」,經行政院例行「開放政府聯絡人月會」票選通過,成為第 53 次協作會議主題,並在 8 月 16 日以線上直播方式,召開協作會議。

:handshake: 會議上各方達成的初步共識,主辦單位農委會、衛福部將在 10 月 20 日前,將具體參採情況,於平台上公開回應。而就事實釐清的部分,各方經由一系列的訪談,已經在會議上達到相當成果,在此跟各位讀者分享:

:balance_scale: 第一,《人用藥品用於犬貓及非經濟動物之使用管理辦法(草案)》沒有牴觸《藥事法》。

防檢局在當天的簡報中清楚表示,「依據《動物保護法》第 4 條第 3 項,訂定《管理辦法》,其中亦規範販賣與流通」;而食藥署也在簡報內指出,「《動保法》第 4 條第 2 項及第 3 項,對於人用藥品轉供治療動物之管理範圍,農委會已包含流通、販賣等。其流通、販賣之規範,則應優先適用《動保法》」。

:pill: 第二,現行可以轉供動物使用的 597 種公告藥物,不會受到《藥品優良運銷規範》(PIC/S GDP)影響,來源無虞。

食藥署在今年 5 月 21 日行文向各藥師、製藥、藥品行銷代理等公會解釋,在《管理辦法》施行前,為保障動物醫療權益,符合《動保法》第 4 條第 2 項規定可轉供動物使用之人用藥品類別,目前仍然可以由獸醫師(佐)取得供治療動物使用。

:calling: 此外,本次協作會議為了強化訊息傳遞,在出席人員的安排上也有新的嘗試。

除了提案人、附議人、相關部會同仁、藥師與獸醫師公會的代表,以及專家學者等當然利害關係人外,我們也特別邀請臉書「貓咪也瘋狂俱樂部」的管理員,與批踢踢實業坊(PTT)「cat 版」的版主到場參與討論。

:kr: 最後,由於協作會議期間,適逢「韓國教育廣播公社(Korea Educational Broadcasting System, EBS)」來臺拍攝以開放政府與社會創新為主題的專題,因此除了全程網路直播之外,也開放討論時段供 EBS 團隊側拍與採訪。

:sparkles: 當天,EBS 團隊的製作人向我多次表示:「這樣的畫面,很美。」

:rainbow: 我也希望,所有的參與者,除了把會議得到的資訊傳回各自的社群外,更能將當天的感受,帶進後續更多的討論裡。

:raising_hand_woman: During June this year, “Elsie” proposed a motion on the government’s e-petition platform, titled: “Veterinarians must lawfully utilize human medication to treat animals, and the medical treatment of animals should comply with specialized checks made by veterinarians.”

At the Executive Yuan’s monthly participation officer meeting, the motion passed the ballot to become the subject of the 53rd Collaborative Meeting. On August 16th, the collaborative meeting was convened and livestreamed.

:handshake: The meeting produced several recommendations that was agreed upon on all sides during the meeting, that the organizers, namely the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, must publicly respond on the online participation platform with the specific details of the selection situation before October 20th.

In addition to the recommendations, all sides had already achieved some considerable common understanding during the meeting, in regards to the clarification of the facts:

:balance_scale: Firstly, the «Draft Proposal for The Regulations Governing the Use and Management of Human Drugs on Dogs, Cats, and Non-economic Animals» does not contradict the «Pharmaceutical Affairs Law».

The presentation made that day by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine clearly stated, “The proposed Regulations were stipulated in accordance with Article Four, Paragraph Three of the «Animal Protection Law», which also include the regulations for selling and distribution.”

During the presentation, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) also pointed out that: "In regards to the administrative scope of the use of human medication being used to treat animals, Paragraphs Two and Three of Article Four of the «Animal Protection Law» state that the Council of Agriculture’s administrative range already includes the distribution and selling of human medications for animal use. Therefore, regarding regulations for distribution and selling of such medications, we should prioritize the application of the «Animal Protection Law».”

:pill: Second, the 597 types of pharmaceuticals that have been publicly announced which can currently be used for the treatment of animals, will not be affected by «Good Distribution Practice for Pharmaceuticals» (PIC/S GDP), ensuring their continued supply.

On May 21st, the TFDA sent an official notice to the guilds for pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceuticals marketing agents to explain that before the proposed Management Regulations come into effect, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of animal medical treatment, you can still currently obtain human medication for use in treating animals, with the assistance of veterinarians. This is in accordance with Article Two, Rule Four of the «Animal Protection Law», which sets the categories of human medications that can be used on animals.

:calling: Furthermore, this collaborative meeting innovated on the invitation procedure in order to reach more people.

Besides the proposer, seconder, colleagues of related departments, representatives of the pharmacists and the veterinarians guilds, and interested parties such as experts and scholars, we have specially invited the administrator of the Facebook group “CrazyCat Club” and the Forum Moderator of the /cat/ board on the PTT Bulletin Board System to attend and participate in the discussions.

:kr: Finally, the time period of the collaborative meeting just happened to coincide with Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) coming to Taiwan to shoot a special report on the subject of opening up government and social innovation.

Because of this, aside from the live Internet broadcast of the entire event, the open discussion period provided the EBS team with footage and interviews.

:sparkles: The producer of the EBS team said to me many times that day: “This kind of scene, it’s beautiful.”

:rainbow: I sincerely hope that aside from sending back the information gained from the meetings to their own social groups, all of the participants can bring the feelings of that day into more of the follow-up discussions.