蘋果專欄:討論神豬 從人的「同理」開始

:pig: 今年 8 月,網友「快樂姆姆」在公共政策網路參與平台(Join.gov.tw)提案「終止神豬重量比賽祭祀」,希望減少動物在過程中可能受到的痛苦。「快樂姆姆」也以,「在德國,馬戲團改用 3D 全息影像取代真實動物,創造全球最奇幻馬戲團」、「在西班牙,鬥牛節改用充氣牛取代真實的鬥牛,讓小朋友們能夠參與其中,了解生命的意義」等國際經驗為例,期盼臺灣採行更為友善動物的多元方式,取代傳統神豬飼養及祭祀。

:jigsaw: 面對此案,先由作為 Join 平台主管機關的國發會邀集相關部會,釐清權責範圍與分工項目。一方面協調由農委會與客委會擔任主辦機關,文化部與內政部擔任協辦機關;另一方面,也決定本案應透過協作會議方式,綜整各界的不同意見,以達到相互理解。

:raised_hands: 舉辦協作會議前,基於政府長期以來的施政原則,上述四個部會也達成基本立場:那就是當神豬用於祭祀、屬於民間宗教與文化活動的一環時,各級政府不宜以法律或處罰等方式強制介入,而是透過各項輔導措施,協助神豬飼養戶以更為自然的方式飼養神豬。同時,也可提供更多鼓勵與誘因,讓辦理有關活動的寺廟、團體,有機會找出維持信仰虔誠,並兼顧動物保護善心的祭祀方式。

:seedling: 協作會議的主題,也因此訂為:「如何在民眾自發的前提下,討論替代儀式的各種可能?」

🙋 至此,或許讀者會有疑問:既然政府已經決定不強制介入,還有開會的必要嗎?事實上,「協作」的重點,並不是政府公權力的介入程度,而是藉透過知情討論的機制,包含政府在內的所有權益關係人,都可以在理性對話、尊重包容的場合中,積極聆聽彼此的想法與難處,從而促進社會不同成員之間的理解,減少對立與敵意,並留下完整的紀錄。

:rainbow: 總結來說,這場協作會議產出的六項建議(詳細內容請參見:pdis.tw/58),或許尚未讓任何一方徹底滿意。不過這樣的對話機會,確實能夠讓原本立場分歧對立的提案人、動保團體、寺廟代表、神豬飼養戶等,都能朝「同理」的方向,向前跨出一小步。

Discussing “holy pigs” begins with human empathy

:pig: In August this year, a netizen “Happy Oink” has put forward on the participation platform (Join.gov.tw) the proposal to “stop the holy pigs weight competition ritual” in the hope to reduce the likely sufferings of animals in the process. “Happy Oink” has also used international examples such as Germany, where “a circus has used 3D holographic images to replace real animals to create the world’s most fantastic circus” and Spain, where “the bullfighting festival has used inflatable bulls instead of real bullfights to enable children to take part and understand the meaning of life” to encourage the adoption of more diverse, animal-friendly ways to replace traditional pig breeding and ritual sacrifices.

:jigsaw: Facing this proposal, the National Development Council, the responsible agency of the Join platform, began by inviting the relevant ministries to clarify the scope of powers and responsibilities and the work division. On the one hand, the Council of Agriculture Executive and Hakka Affairs Council are the primary organizing agencies, and the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of the Interior are the subsidiary organizing agencies; on the other hand, it has been decided that this case should use a collaborative meeting method to collect the different opinions of various circles in order to achieve a mutual understanding.

:raised_hands: Before the collaborative meeting, the four ministries mentioned above also reached a basic position based on the government’s long-term governance principles: when holy pigs are being used for ritual sacrifice and are a part of folk religious and cultural activities, governments at all levels should refrain from applying laws or punishments or adopting other methods of coercive intervention; instead, various counseling measures should be used to help pig breeders raise pigs in a more natural way. At the same time, more encouragement and incentives can be provided so that temples and groups handling the relevant activities have an opportunity to find benevolent ways to perform rituals that both respect religious piety and safeguard animal protection.

:seedling: Accordingly, the theme of the collaborative meeting has been set as follows: “How might we discuss alternative ritual proposals self-initiated by the people?”

🙋 At this point, readers may want to ask the question: as the government has already decided against intervening, is there still a need to conduct a meeting? Actually, the focus of the “collaboration” is not the extent of the government’s involvement in people’s power; rather, the focus is that through the mechanism of informed discussion, every stakeholder, including the government, can actively take part in a rational discussion in a respectful and inclusive setting and hear each other’s thoughts and difficulties, thereby promoting understanding between different members of society, minimizing confrontation and hostility, and maintaining a complete record.

:rainbow: To sum up, the six recommendations produced by this collaborative meeting may not have fully satisfied any one party. However, such an opportunity for dialogue can indeed enable proponents, animal protection groups, temple representatives and pig breeders with initially divergent positions to move one small step forward in the same direction.