1. Welcome to the Talk/Wiselike platform, which is operated by the Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS). Because the operation of this Platform is supported by Wiselike platform, this Terms of Use also applies to the necessary services provided by Wiselike platform. The term “this Platform” hereinafter represents Talk/Wiselike platform.
  2. Out of respect for and protection of users’ privacy, this Privacy Policy (this Policy) will help users clearly understand how this Platform collects, processes, uses and protects the personal data provided by users. Users are advised to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Scope of Application

  1. This Policy applies to the collection, processing and use of personal data in connection with users’ activities on this Platform but does not apply to the websites of various government agencies or other websites that are connected and interfaces with this Platform’s datasets.
  2. All links and interfaces connected to other websites via this Platform are subject to the privacy policies of those websites, and this Platform is not responsible for any joint liability.

The Purposes and Categories of Personal Data Collection

  1. To allow the public to have more opportunities for open discussion on public issues, this Platform aims to collect more diverse opinions, to enhance and expand the quality and scale of public policy discussions, and to protect the rights and interests of the data subjects and relevant stakeholders by possibly collecting users’ contact information such as usernames, full names, and emails addresses.
  2. For browsing, editing, and revising content on this Platform, this Platform will log the information generated by the server when you are browsing, editing and revising content, including the IP address of the device you are using, the time, browsing and records, etc. These data are used for aggregate analysis by this Platform’s administrators for the purpose of improving its quality of service. Where necessary for statistical or academic research in the public interest, the data will be processed so that it is not disclosed in such a way as to identify specific data subjects.

The Time Period, Territory, Recipients, and Methods of which the Personal Data Is Used

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, this Platform will only process and use the personal data of users as necessary for the purpose of the aforementioned services during the duration of the registered account and the services rendered by this Platform to the extent that the user agrees to do so.
  2. This Platform will not sell, exchange, or rent any user’s personal data to other organizations, individuals, or private companies. The use of your personal data will be consistent with the specific purpose for which it was collected, except that it may be used outside the necessary scope of specific purposes under any of the following circumstances: A. where it is expressly required by law; B. where it is necessary for ensuring national security or furthering public interest; C. where it is to prevent harm on life, body, freedom, or property of the data subject; D. where it is to prevent material harm on the rights and interests of others; E. where it is necessary for statistics gathering or academic research by a government agency or an academic institution for public interests; provided that such data, as processed by the data provider or as disclosed by the data collector, may not lead to the identification of a specific data subject; F. where it is for the data subject’s rights and interests; or G. where the data subject has consented to the collection, processing and use of one’s personal data in writing.

Exercise of Rights to Personal Data

  1. According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, a data subject shall be able to exercise the following rights with regard to one’s personal data and such rights shall not be waived or limited contractually in advance: A. the right to make an inquiry of and to review one’s personal data; B. the right to request a copy of one’s personal data; C. the right to supplement or correct one’s personal data; D. the right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of one’s personal data; and E. the right to erase one’s personal data.
  2. Should users wish to exercise the above rights or have any other inquiries, they may send their comments to PDIS by email ([email protected]), and PDIS will reply as soon as possible.
  3. Users who do not provide complete personal data may not be able to register for an account or make a proper use of the services offered by this Platform and access the up-to-date information.
  4. If the personal data provided by the user is untrue or incorrect, it will not be protected by this Policy.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies is limited to the necessary cookies for the services provided on the Talk/Wiselike platform, such as login and granting access to the site. Such use is necessary for users to log into the account and use its features. Other uses of cookies are prohibited.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

  1. Any amendments to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy will be posted on this Platform without separate notice. Users are advised to pay attention to the latest amendments.
  2. In the event of any objection or query to the amendments, please contact PDIS at [email protected]. If you continue to use the service on this Platform without expressing any objection, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the contents and subsequent amendments and changes thereto.


  1. 歡迎使用由公共數位創新空間小組(Public Digital Innovation Space, PDIS)維運的 Talk/Wiselike 平臺。Talk 平臺之營運同時結合 Wiselike 平臺,故此使用者條款亦適用於 Wiselike 平臺所提供之必要服務。以下「本平臺」之用詞指 Talk/Wiselike 平臺。
  2. 基於尊重及保護使用者的隱私權,本隱私權政策將協助使用者清楚地瞭解本平臺如何蒐集、處理、利用,並保護使用者所提供的個人資料,請使用者詳細閱讀本平臺隱私權政策。


  1. 本政策內容適用於使用者在本平臺活動時,所涉及之個人資料蒐集、處理及利用,但不適用於與本平臺資料集連結與介接至各政府機關網站或其他網站。
  2. 凡經由本平臺連結與介接至其他網站,均適用各該網站專屬之隱私權政策,本平臺不負任何連帶責任。


  1. 本平臺為使大眾針對公共事務能有更多開放討論之機會、徵集更多元意見,並提升及擴大公共政策討論之品質與規模,及保護當事人及相關利害關係人之權益,可能蒐集使用者的使用者名稱、全名、電子郵件等聯絡資料。
  2. 在本平臺的瀏覽、編輯或編修之行為,本平臺會記錄您在瀏覽、編輯或編修時,伺服器產生的相關資訊,包括您使用連線設備的 IP 位址、時間、瀏覽及資料紀錄等,這些資料係供本平臺管理單位內部的總量分析,以利於提升本平臺的服務品質。若基於公共利益為統計或學術研究之必要,資料亦將經過處理,使其揭露方式無從識別特定之當事人。


  1. 除法令另有規定外,本平臺僅會於使用者同意的範圍內,於帳號註冊存續期間及本平臺提供的服務內,依照前述服務目的範圍作業之必要,處理和利用使用者之個人資料。
  2. 本平臺絕不會任意出售、交換、或出租任何使用者的個人資料給其他團體、個人或私人企業,於利用您的個人資料時,均與蒐集之特定目的相符,但有下列情形之一者,得為特定目的外之利用: A. 法律明文規定。 B. 為維護國家安全或增進公共利益。 C. 為免除當事人之生命、身體、自由或財產上之危險。 D. 為防止他人權益之重大危害。 E. 公務機關或學術研究機構基於公共利益為統計或學術研究而有必要,且資料經過提供者處理後或蒐集者依其揭露方式無從識別特定之當事人。 F. 有利於當事人權益。 G. 經當事人書面同意。


  1. 依個人資料保護法第 3 條規定,當事人就其個人資料依個人資料保護法規定行使之下列權利,不得預先拋棄或以特約限制之: A. 查詢或請求閱覽。 B. 請求製給複製本。 C. 請求補充或更正。 D. 請求停止蒐集、處理或利用。 E. 請求刪除。
  2. 若使用者欲行使上述權利,或有其他諮詢事項,可透過電子郵件信箱的方式向 PDIS 提出意見([email protected]),PDIS 將盡快回覆。
  3. 使用者若未提供完整的個人資料,可能無法成功註冊帳號,或妥善使用本平臺提供之服務並取得最新資訊。
  4. 若使用者提供之個人資料非屬實或有錯誤,將不受此政策之保護。

Cookies 運用

於本平臺所提供之服務中,Cookies 的使用僅限於必要使用,如登入和賦予權限至 Talk/Wiselike 平臺。該使用係為提供使用者登入帳號並使用其服務所必要。其餘 Cookies 運用皆禁止。


  1. 本隱私權政策條款如有修訂,將公告於本平臺,不另行個別通知,請使用者隨時注意修訂之公告訊息。
  2. 若使用者對於修訂內容有表示反對或疑問,請利用本平臺諮詢服務信箱([email protected])聯繫 PDIS。如未經表示反對仍繼續使用本平臺服務,則視為使用者已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受所有內容及其後之修改與變更。