About installing 台語 option for interested users in google translation service

Hi, Ms. Audrey:
My name is Antonio, a retired teacher from NFU(in Huwei township,Yun-lin county.)
Here (https://translate.google.com.tw/?hl=zh-TW&tab=wT )Is a site where offers the translation service among different languages.
As you can see ,there is no “台灣閩南語 (tâi-gí,“台語) inside the option for interested users.If tâi-gí, can be installed here, these people:1. 留學生(foreign students from Vietnam,Indonesia,Japan,USA,…who come to Taiwan to learn in our society)2. 新住民( Vietnamese,Indonesian ,Japanese,…who come to live in Taiwan and become citizens in our society)3. Children of 新住民 (who are encouraged to learn their mother’s languages at school or at home. As an example ,“新住民火炬計畫”was promoted by 移民署.Site at:http://www.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=1244873&ctNode=33977&mp=1
4. 外籍看護工廠外勞,…(foreign labourers who work around us)5. Taiwanese students who major in應用外語系 or 台文系 (who are encouraged to have an unbiased view toward local languages)6. Some interested foreign tourists 7. …….
Will find it a helpful and convenient. Tool.
With your background and your 萌典’s experience,My friends and I believe you are the most suitable person to help start organize a team to negotiate with Google .
And the site of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwanese_Romanization_Systemwill be a good reference to consider its romanization system. (either台羅拼音 or 教羅拼音 will meet the need of most users mentioned above).Thank you for your marvellous efforts during these recent years for Taiwan to be seen globally. .So far so good . If possible,let us also pray it be better in the future to come.
Sincerely from Antonio

Hi, to my knowledge, this is within the purview of http://itaigi.tw/about so please consider help out on the effort. Once there is sufficient open corpus released in a vendor-neutral way, it will be much easier to see adoption.
Another related effort is OGL ( http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/words/oxfordlanguages ; full disclosure: I’m a consultant at OUP until end of September) which takes a similar crowd-sourced approach in collaboration with vendors.