Artist from Japan(for Audrey Tang-san)

Hello, Audrey Tang-san. I’m Masami Sato(佐藤雅美). Papercutting artist in Japan.

I read “Audrey Tang digital & AI book” in Japanese.(Alexa read me the book.)
I was caught covid-19 and still worried about the aftereffect.

I keep selling my artwork on the internet over 10 years,
because I know that there are a few people(my blog’s readers)
who have hearing loss or difficulty of coming to exhibitions.

I introduced Audrey Tang-san’s book on my blog
and tried to tell what Taiwan think and do.

[ワンルーム叙事詩 | 雅美の切り絵ブログ (]

I’m so worried how to spread
the content of the book for many Japanese people.

I made open community area (with Google spread sheet)
and am trying to “express what open-communicate on the internet is”.

But…for most Japanese,
Covid-19, politics and I are still other persons’ affair.
(I don’t have much amount of followers on SNS except my blog.)

I’m so minority but trying to do my best to tell what I feel and see through my blog.

I trust Audrey Tang-san’s words in the book:
“Artists can help to spread what Taiwan think and do.”

I hope my will reach to Audrey Tang-san and
Japanese people suffering Covid-19 effect.