Audrey, what are your thoughts on blockchain technology in Taiwan?

There are initiatives in local and national governments to use blockchain tech for identity, voting, publishing documents, and certain kinds of transactions. Many of these projects make use of Ethereum smart contracts, others Bitcoin side-chains, and some are building custom implementations.
From your experiences in civic tech, do you think that Taiwan has advantages for using blockchains in government and industry?

Yes, I’m well aware of Ethereum and the code in DAO that led to its recent hard-fork. :slight_smile:
I think we are generally open to experiments, but it must also be balanced within a smaller scale, which is why Regulation Sandbox ( ) is the first survey topic we chose for the vTaiwan reboot. Stay tuned!

The DAO is an important lesson for all developers and policy-makers involved in technology! While we may want to run ahead and apply new technology to solve the world’s problems, incrementalism and prototyping fosters the sharing of experiences and the building of stronger foundations.
I’m looking forward to seeing how you apply your own experience to government, and, specifically, how a regulatory sandbox might be implemented.