Can you share what you learn or what's fun since you join gov ?

Dear Audrey, Thanks for providing this platform for public. I have good experience to follow this website, and we can see you try to share ideas as much as possible ! much appreciate! Since you joined gov, is everything on track ? can you share what you learn or something from first 2 months? I hope those Taiwan gov stuff don’t destroy your life … :slight_smile: cheer n fighting !

Yup! Everything is on track. I joined on October 1 — it has just been 20 days.
I did learn a lot about the current status on open government and social enterprises, and I’m looking forward to meet our new youth council members.
I especially enjoy working with capable staff in our office — including experts on legal matters, on information management, on cross-ministry coordination, on interaction design, and on collaborative writing.

You are such a energetic person and bring enthusiasm to others. It’s great to have you to join our gov !! Fight !! Fight !!