Creating a JOIN system in Japanese Municipalism

Dear Audrey Tang and PDIS team,

My name is Sozo, living in Osaka, Japan.
I am home-visiting nurse in community mental health while referring Open Dialogue method.
I’ve also been working on climate crisis as an activist in my home Takatsuki-city in this few years.

Recenty, I learned the JOIN system your team made.
I felt like this is it!
We need a system change in a municipal level and nationwide.
Lack of true democracy and transparency leads to the brutal incident before the election this month.

We plan to have a festival of dialogue in Kyoto on the 15th of October this year.
We are discussing what we do on the day at the moment.
Suimei Morikawa, Psychiatrist who learned Open Dialogue Method in Finland is coming on the day.
Is it possible to collaborate with PDIS team to create a JOIN system in Japanese Municipalism?

Ah, I am glad to know Audrey is a fan of Kojin Karatani.
I hope we can start a process of creating a mode of exchange X.

I talked to this idea to my friends and they are very interested and excited about it.

Moved by love,

We, Takatsuki-city citizen Climate Crisis team will have online meeting tomorrow from 9 am to 10:30 in Taiwan time zone on Sunday (10 am to 11:30 in Japan time zone)

If you somebody are interested in the movement, Please join us.

Sozo Yoshimotoさんがあなたを予約されたZoomミーティングに招待しています。

トピック: 気候変動を考える市民の会・高槻のミーティング
時間: こちらは定期的ミーティングです いつでも


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