Do you plan to use your public platform to promote LGBT rights in Taiwan?


The administration has already used the public forum on marriage equality:
My main focus will be improving the efficacy of such platforms.

  1. That platform is really ineffitient and unattractive XD
  2. Social media divided religious people from us (同溫層). It would be nice if technology can pull us together this time (for marriage equality).
  3. Legislators are already pushing it. It is the time. Let’s do it (^ ^)
  1. Agree. 那平台只是分享一些「邁向文明社會必然趨向」的新觀念。因為這些觀念是人類演化遲早會面臨的必然趨勢。但這平台上所分享的觀念在整個華人世界裡不但被忽視,也聽不見、找不到。
    切記:人類所有的「行為」都是來自「觀念和信念」。在「觀念的層面」下功夫雖然看起來 inefficient and unattractive,卻是真正關心我們社會進步成長的朋友們,必須了解(意識擴展便會了解,會自然懂這個道理),並能幫忙〝播種〞的工作。
  2. The key is not in technology. The key is consciousness. 意識的提升才是關鍵。科技的進步提升若意識沒有跟著進步提升,是一件非常危險的事,而那正是我們今日世界已嚴重面臨的危機。但是,科技可以幫助上述〝播種〞工作的推廣。
  3. Legislators care when more people come to realize a bigger picture of life(生活、人生與生命), and start willing to step out of their old-fashioned beliefs.

Jimmy Chen:
(m_ _m)

沒問題。我很喜歡 平台。We all work for the same purpose.