Documentary film about Commons - Searching for contact and collaborations

Dear PDIS,

My name is Nuno Escudeiro and I am Portuguese independent documentary filmmaker, based in Italy and working internationally in Europe. I am writing to you as I am currently developing a new film project which working title is “Re:public”. In this project, we are, in a broad sense, searching for ways to bring people to work together and change their environments for the best, overcoming disempowerment and disillusion towards public and private initiatives that are not managing to come up with solutions to solve current problems in the communities. Our idea is to inspire for collective and individual participation from common citizens through initiatives taking place all over the world they can implement in their surroundings.
I am writing to you because I have been very moved and inspired by your practice and what you have worked to implement in Taiwan. I think it is a crucial story for my film that resonates with me and people worldwide.
I will try to explain the idea of the film better. On the first part of the film, we are mostly focusing on the idea of