Earth observation data from Space

Dear Audrey Tang,

I tried to reach you earlier this week by email but I try it here now. There is a project related to Earth Observation satellite open data we would like to propose to Taiwan. We believe that if Taiwanese startups could have access openly to such data it could revolutionize the local economy and new ways of using those data could be discovered.

We believe you are the right person we could contact according to your involvement in free software, open data and the idea we would like to introduce to you.

Would it be possible to meet you to introduce this project? We understand the “Principles for Handling Official Visits to Digital Minister”.

Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for the interest. As I’m traveling to Canada this week, November 14 at noon (1200-1240) is my earliest Office Hour space to meet. December 5 and 12 is also possible.

My schedule during Wednesdays can be seen here: