Whatever forms of approaches you take, there are three important phases in the process.

  • Creating Alternative Futures
    How you will involve people in the process of creating alternative future scenarios?
    Speculative design is often driven by the imaginative artists, which sometimes, are so extreme that it shuts the conversation off rather than provoking one. It would be good to think how you could bring many others in the proces.

  • Creating Dialog to Think of the Future
    The google doc’s Martijn’s interview also touches on this area. He mentions that what is really important is to create a space or an opportunity where all citizens - despite of their differences - are brought together and have dialogues. This is true also for speculative design work, because we don’t want hundreds and thousands of alternative futures just for the small group of people, but we want a few of them which gives us critical views and to be engaged in the conversation about the future.

  • Expressing and having opinions, or even taking actions (‘hack’) which way to go
    This is probably the most critical yet so difficult to do. This only happens once there is an alternative future, which a large group of people would believe in, and are inspired to take actions towards that direction. But this is where it gets crucial that administrators, educators, and industry are involved.