Gay marriage, LGBT rights and digital education

Hi Audrey, from your digital ministry position are you planning to use your tools to promote a conversation around same-sex marriage? The DPP is proposing to amend the civil code in order to allow gay marriage and I was wondering if there is any plan to promote/educate citizens on that subjet using tools as you did with Uber.Do you think Taiwanese people has enough information about LGBT rights? What needs to be done to improve the lives of that group in Taiwan and what you are planning to do from your government position? Thank you! Barbara Celis (the Spanish reporter, we spoke before)

Hi! We already got a few petitions going on: to name but two.
My work here is to help organizing a team of expert facilitators from the civil society, in order to work with the Ministries to establish a way to converse with citizens on these matters.
Note that my role in this covers all ministries and topics, not just LGBT; for example relates to health and welfare.