Hey Audrey, Do you agree with the first choice for Taiwan's future should be independence?


That is an interesting question to ask of a conservative anarchist. :slight_smile:
My personal focus, from a digital governance perspective, is on how the current transitional condition of liminality — as outlined by Stéphane Corcuff — facilitates a multi-stakeholder setting for scalable listening to take place.

What does liminality mean?

It refers to a certain kind of transitional space/time. On an individual level, an appointed Digital Minister — but before actually taking office — experiences liminality. :slight_smile:
For its applied use in the Taiwan context, please refer to Corcuff’s book: http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010524375

I see the “liminal space” you are crossing through.
You are not a conservative anarchist. You are a vanguard. A vanguard who has been inspiring many young people, and shall be expediting the growth of our society to collectively step out of the “primitive stage” we live today.

So, don’t focus too much of your time on political issues like whether Taiwan should be independent or not. Or answer to that. What kind of an anarchist would answer a question like that?