Holopolis HiFi


Holopolis HiFi uses the High Fidelity VR platform to create a virtual commons. It imagines a far future in which we can all connect to and immerse in public policy deliberation anytime we choose.

This may be helpful for challenges like climate change that span country borders, and for larger questions of directions for our society.

“A recursive public is a public that is vitally concerned with the material and practical maintenance and modification of the technical, legal, practical, and conceptual means of its own existence as a public; it is a collective independent of other forms of constituted power and is capable of speaking to existing forms of power through the production of actually existing alternatives. Free Software is one instance of this concept, both as it has emerged in the recent past and as it undergoes transformation and differentiation in the near future. There are other instances, including those that emerge from the practices of Free Software, such as Creative Commons, the Connexions project, and the Open Access movement in science.” – From Two Bits by Christopher Kelty

One of the ultimate outcomes from open government initiatives might be a virtual commons where all citizens can log in for public participation. Imagine a virtual world connects the society, information, always updatable and most updated regulations and rules that define how the entire society prefers to interact within, we set up an virtual environment on a server that runs High Fidelity, and simply started jamming and scripting within.