Holopolis MR


Holopolis MR imagines the uses case in the near future, when MR headsets are more popularized. It turns on the GPS with computer vision feature so that the users can bump into virtual public forums such as a forum setup next to the priority seats.

Mature of mixed reality enables “engaging” civic engagement

Despite the naming war of AR/VR/MR/XR, the substance of connecting information, overlaying visualization and designing interaction between real and virtual world brought us to a journey that explores possibility to immerse in public participation in real field, to conduct civic engagement in the city.

Shipment of Microsoft’s Hololens in 2016 enables this idea. Hololens is a self-contained holographic computing headset. It transmits the world around users from another point of view, and we curated this point of view to a world for civic engagement.

The demo: Holopolis MR

Holopolis MR is a demo of idea consist of several public virtual forums for discussion about public issues, and the forums would be distributed among the city’s public space where those issues could tie to, such as a pop-up virtual forum about the lack of parking spaces situated in a real parking lot, another discussion about design of priority seats at real priority seatings at metro or subways in public transportation.

Holopolis MR enables users to engage in a world of digital content overlaying the real world surrounding them, and interact with holograms within. We could present crowdsourced questions and comments from the citizens in Holopolis MR to another citizen and ask for further feedback or comment.