How can we make citizens closer to become policy influencers (designers)?

Hi Audrey!

My name is Jessica Ann Venø and I’m a Service Design student at London College of Communication (UAL). I just attended IAM Weekend and saw your inspirational presentation and would love to connect and have a conversation with you about my team’s current project; “Open Democracy”, and more specifically; How can we make citizens policy designers, given by the European Commission. I belive our solution is very close to what you have been and still working on in Taiwan and my team and I are interested in sharing insights and experiences with you and maybe get some valuable insights and guidance!

Hope to speak to you soon. Have a nice day!

All the best,

Team C - Jessica, Tracy, Clara and Tina.

Hi! Thank you for your interest. My colleague @fang is traveling to London mid-July and it may be a good opportunity to connect — Please feel free to write her directly.