Interview for Cheek Magazine

Hello Audrey,

As said in the email I sent you, I am Samia, journalist for Cheek Magazine, a french feminist media and I heard about you at OGP 2016. Your life has particularly caught my attentionThat’s why, I would like, to ask you few questions for a section called « The connected interview »

Below are the questions

Wishing you a very nice day


1 Can you tell me about your life history and your hacker’s trajectory ?
2 How old are you and at what age did you become a digital minister?
3 How did the country and the people around you receive the fact that you were transgender?
4 What are the feminist movements in Taiwan ? And why they are fighting ?
5 What is your main goal as a digital minister?
6 What message will you like to get through with your history life ?
7 Geek from the first hour or geek who was formed with the democratization of the web?
8 Mac or PC?
9 Twitter or Facebook?
10 The last person you tagged?
11 How many hours can you stay without your smartphone?
12 Do you have detox periods?
13 Your favorite account on Instagram?
14 What you can never do online?
15 What else can you do only online?
16 What has the Web changed most in your life?

  1. Yes. For a comprehensive account please see Interview with Amaëlle Guiton a year ago.

  2. 36 and 35.

  3. People are generally fine with it.

  4. Please refer to Women’s Movements in Twentieth-Century Taiwan for a summary.

  5. Implementing the necessary cultural and technical foundations for open government.

  6. Let us remember: the Plurality is here.

  7. From the democratization of personal computers.

  8. Both.

  9. Both, with Newsfeed Eradicator and SilentFB.

  10. @Sam.

  11. Years. (I’m more of a laptop person.)

  12. For internet, no; for caffeine, yes.

  13. I have not followed anyone’s Instagram.

  14. .

  15. This connected interview.

  16. It showed me that the World is Wide.

Thank you for theses ansewers
Is it possible to have a picture of you in landscape format to illustrate the interview?

Sure thing. This one is CC0:

Can you tell me what’s your favorite application and why ?

Web client. It reminds us constantly the interconnectedness of information spaces.

Does that mean you do not have a favorite app? That you are a client of the web in its entirety?

An Web client is an application, and it is my favorite application. Yes.

Ah Ok, do you have the link to this application? has a list, current as of March 29, 1995. Since then the number of clients has grown considerably; has a partial list.

Thank you for the link, sorry to appear a little novice, but could you explain to me what the utility of this application please, I find it a little difficult to understand

The purpose of a web client is accessing Web resources, including browsing, editing, following and making hyperlinks, and so on. “Firefox Focus” for example is one such app on mobile devices.

Thank you very much, Merci beaucoup !

Just to be sure, can I put your platform’s link (PDIS) on the article?

Yes, of course :slight_smile:

Merci :slight_smile:

Hi Audrey Tang,
I have another question, can you explain to me how this happened for you to acceded to power?

Hi! It’s chronicled here:

Thank’s Audrey !

Could you also explain me why in Taiwan being transgender does not pose any problem while in other countries it is already more taboo ?

I think you know the symbol that you represent in the LGBT community, are you involved in this cause? If yes, how ?

And what message would you like to pass on to transgender peoples who are struggling to flourish in their country?