Interview for Penguin Random House by Isaac Kariuki

Hi Audrey,

As per my previous email, I’d like to interview you for my essay on the upcoming book ‘Black Futures’ with OneWorld, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Below are a few questions. Very much appreciate it!

  1. Is the citizen participation invoked by vTaiwain something that is unique to Taiwan or could such a platform work in other regions across the globe?

  2. My essay looks at personal blogs and media online published by marginalised people that has been lost in time due to a number of factors (e.g. blog-publishing services shutting down). Have you ever had an experience with losing something online and being unable to get it back?

  3. Would it be possible for hacking to be a tool used to get back lost online content?

  4. How do you see Taiwan’s digital landscape in the next 5 years?


  1. It’s working across the globe — Please see for a full catalog.

  2. Yes. I did recover most of my early blogs through but certain publications on proprietary systems, such as, were lost.

  3. No.

  4. has an overview picture and specific policy roadmaps are here: