Interview questions for Audrey from Anders

  1. How are you making the government more transparent?
  2. Which are your greatest achievements so far?
  3. …and which are the biggest challenges?
  4. How do you convince your fellow politicians about the importance of transparency?
  5. What is most important to do in order to publish more open data?
  6. Taiwan is ranked #1 in the latest version of the Global Open Data Index. Your comments about that?
  7. …and your comments about that Taiwan still ranks low in location datasets and land ownership; Do you see any changes of that in the near future?
  8. You say that you are an “anarchist minister”; How can that be beneficial for Taiwan’s digital development?
  9. What can a European country (such as Sweden) most importantly learn from Taiwan regarding open data etc.?
  10. As a Digital Minister, you are also working to shift Taiwan’s focus from hardware to software, systems and technologies such as AR, VR, IoT, etc. How do you do that?
  11. Your way of working and having a “flat” organization; How is that concept seen by fellow politicians and governmental representatives?
  12. How do you see Taiwan being in five years from now; What is changed in society and what is still as it use to be?

By the way, the Principles for Handling Official Visits to Digital Minister is a really great thing! I also want to ask a question about that:
13. How easy was it to get understanding for implementing those principles?

  1. Through radical transparency, accountability trails, and office hours. For details, please refer to the first two answers in the GovInsider interview.
  2. Establishing regulations for the PO network and helping implementing internet participation in public policy.
  3. It’s rebuilding trust among people. For details, please refer to the fourth answer in the GovInsider interview.
  4. They’re already fine with that.
  5. Through procurement policy, public digital platforms can automatically provide reliable data collected in transparent means and make it accessible to people.
  6. Please refer to this interview.
  7. Hmm — please remind me where did I make the comments — did I refer to the entries on location and land?
  8. Please refer to the first two questions in this interview.
  9. In addition to the procurement policy outlined above, the design of Taiwan’s Government Open Data License (co-created with the community) may be of interest.
  10. Please refer to this interview and to the DIGI⁺ and ASVDA websites.
  11. I guess it’s more “cross-organizational” and “working out loud” than “flat”. It’s seen as innovative, practical, and (gradually) useful.
  12. Taiwan will be 25 centimeters higher and still hosts a society that values inclusive transparency.
  13. It’s quite straightforward — People generally are OK with the textual transcript, and having ten days to collaborative edit enables participants to re-live the conversation, leading to a deeper understanding.
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