Interview request for S&D Magazine - Taiwan's digital model

Dear @audreyt,

I am a journalist for the French Security & Defense Magazine. I am writing to you again about the interview I’d like to conduct with you - I cannot seem to send you my answers through emails.
I am currently working on the March issue of the magazine, which will focus on the future challenges of the digital space and everything surrounding it.

I would thus like to interview you, as Taiwan’s digital minister. We could talk about the Taiwanese digital model, you could share your views about what is needed in the field in the future. Of course, we would also discuss you as a minister and what it took for you to get to this seat.

We could speak about it over the phone by February 15th, anytime you are available. It probably would not last more than 30 minutes.

I thank you in advance and I remain available for any questions,

Best regards,

S&D Magazine