Interview request from IFEX

I read about your work published by CPJ, one of our member organizations. I am impressed with your commitment to reject censorship in combating disinformation. I’d like to feature your work so that it can also inspire our global members which are also devising ways and engaging their governments in dealing with the problem.

  • What are the main lessons and challenges in your campaign to stop disinformation?

What we found is that the most important way to counter that is using exactly the same technology.

That is to say if it’s a rumor that spread online, or on Facebook, or on PTT, or whatever, the clarifications are posted to the same channels and always within an hour.

  • How are you sustaining this and mobilizing public support?

The social sector leads the governance mechanism and prototype them in the open.

  • Any advice to civil society groups on how best to approach their governments in combating disinformation without the need to undermine freedom of expression?

Adopt a norm-first approach within the Digital Interdependence (“COGOV”) framework.

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