Liwei Chan

We need a “real” interpretation/introduction to attract people’s attention
Interaction in VR
real me - robotic me - digital appearance me - VR me
Superhuman sport (Japan Olympic 2020)
muscle upgradation & compete against well-trained athletes social VR second life
HMD user, spectator (non HMD user)

In social VR, what are the scope of interactions we would like to implement?
from nature interaction to socially acceptable interaction

finger walker

How could spectators get a rough idea on HMD users’ world/context?
physical limitation, social acceptance
omni directional trademill, floor projection, directional speaker

Data Visualizing in VR world

Navigating in dataviz and log

Log as data of personalization

participants’s expertise level from beginner to expert, on a certain topic, maybe under discussion

from games villages to polis, the triangle marketplace

recreate that triangle marketplace in VR space

Participants are free to jump in in whichever level, but maybe not be able, or even allowed, to join the conversation?

large scale conversation

person-based node or comment-based node

linked data in 3-dimensional space

有關的 VR

directional microphone
omnidirectional treadmill

social acceptable micro interaction to control locomotion
game controller

VR planet - 360 scene represented in flattened view

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