Mandate questions from

  1. You have recently been nominated minister of cyberspace in the Taiwanese government. Could you explain what your job is about ?

  2. You describe yourself as a « conservative anarchist ». Could you explain what do you mean ? Isn’t it paradoxical to be both an anarchist and a civil servant ?

  3. Did you reorganize your team work at the minister according to the tools and principles you defend ? And how did it go ?

  4. Do you really publish on the internet all of your interviews, discourses and thoughts ?

  5. What are the goals and policies you want to implement during your mandate ?

  1. As the Digital Minister I’m in charge of implementing open government principles, as well as furthering youth participation and social enterprises.

  2. Conserving civilization in a non-coercive way.

  3. My approach in civil service is to not issue commands nor obey commands, but instead deploy cross-sectoral communication models inspired by the internet community. It’s going really well.

  4. Yes to interviews and discourses and visits. Technology has not advanced sufficiently to publish thoughts directly, but I look forward to that day.

  5. I’m interested much more in the process and the tools of policymaking, instead of specific policies. My personal goal is simply to facilitate the goals of everyone who enters this space (PDIS), including yours.