Media Inquiry from NewsPicks (Japanese business media )


My name is YooHee Hong with NewsPicks, Japanese business media. I am based in San Francisco and seeking to interview Audrey Tang regarding the mask map and how Taiwan is using talents and technology to tackle problems. Like others, I have been deeply impressed by her leadership, transparency, and humbleness, in addition to the capability Taiwan has to let great talents run the government.

Subscribers have reached 5 million and core readers are in their 20’s to 30’s. Our team would like to cover her story and Taiwan’s leadership to younger readers as one of the successful examples of how we can use technology to create a better future.

We are going to release the entire interview so that readers can understand the whole context, and to highlight it as the final long interview for this year.

Please let me know if we could arrange an interview for 30-45 minutes with us by December 20th. I can provide more detailed questions.

I am looking forward to hearing a favorable answer from her.

Thank you.


Silicon Valley Bureau Chief

NewsPicks is a premium business news publication launched in September 2013 with about 5 million readers in Japan. A core audience of post-traditional business leaders and decision-makers are in their 20s-30s. It has covered prestigious figures including CEO and executives from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA, Uber, Instagram, and more as well as many startups.