On improving Taiwan's digital policy

Hi, this is Kris from Hong Kong English media HKFP. We are interested to know:1. What is the significance of adding new executive councillor position for digital policy for Taiwan?2. What will be your goal in the position? On items such as open data, digitalising government, digital economy.3. Transitioning from roles such as g0v and media activist during the sunflower movement to inside the government, how will you link up the community with the administration?Thank you.

  1. I think it’s an acknowledgment that “Digital policy” is — almost by definition — a cross-ministry issue that would call for such a position.
  2. Please consult http://civichall.org/civicist/vtaiwan-democracy-frontier/ for a very detailed description.
  3. Through open collaboration to demonstrate novel, viable methodologies.

Thank you!