Personal questions from

  1. Could you tell us a bit about your personal life ? When and where you born ? What did your parents do as a living ?

  2. I read you lived in Germany as a child. Were your parents in exile ? Where else did you live ?

  3. How did you get into programming ? What’s this story about the paper computer ?

  4. Were your parents ok with your decision of dropping school ?

  5. What was your first start-up about ? At what age did you sell it and when did you become a millionaire ?

  6. You said you are « post-gender », what does it mean for you ? Do you still define yourself as a woman ? What led to this change ? (if you are ok to share this)

  7. You are now retired but you seem more active than ever. What are your plans for the future ?

  8. And one personal question : Do you have any favorite science-fiction book ?

  1. Yes. 1981-04-18 Taipei City. They were both journalists at the time.

  2. No. My father’s research subject was exiled activists. I visited many countries but no other places where I’ve stayed for more than 6 months.

  3. This is covered in detail in the interview with Amaëlle Guiton.

  4. They are OK with that after some explanation.

  5. It was a computer book press turned into e-commerce and social media startup. More details of the story is covered in the interview with Julie Zaugg. If you count in Euro, I was never a millionaire.

  6. This is covered in detail in the interview with Max Kalkhof.

  7. I have no plans beyond a day’s time and expects to be pleasantly surprised every day.

  8. Yes. I’m reading Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life and Others” at the moment.