Productivity and Efficiency

Hello Audrey! Thank you so much for making this space available!

I remember you speaking briefly about some time management and productivity methods you use, such as Pomodoro Method, Zero Inbox & SCRUM, on the old Wiselike.

I’m wondering if you can expand on that? Like what methods you use specifically and how you’re using them? Especially interested in the methods and tools you’re using for non-technical team coordination and efficiency.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Hi @DariceChang,

I’ve practiced Pomodoro method since ~2010 and has now internalized it, using the wall clock as clock and work in 24-minute stretches.

I do most of my book-keeping in OmniFocus and GoodNotes on iOS and macOS.

For teamwork, PDIS uses the Kanban method through productivity tools.

It’s not quite SCRUM, because we don’t believe in deadlines.

Coordination is done weekly in Business Origami (analog) and per-case with RealtimeBoard (digital).

Here are some more tools: