Prospective questions from

  1. As someone who grew up with the rise of computing, what do you think of the next generation’s (the Z’s born in 2000) relationship with technology ?

  2. With the rise of fake news, governement spying and corporate intrusion in citizens’ privacies, how do you envision the future of Internet ? Could these new trends threaten our democracies ?

  3. With the ever expanding power of the GAFAM, how can FOSS software prevail ?

  4. I read the continental chinese have a word for open source, « gongkai », which is philosophically quite different than the western one. Is it true ? Does it change anything ?

  5. What are, in your opinion, the most interesting softwares (existant or in development) that could redefine our human organizations ? Especially in politics and work ?

  6. Do you think the State is bound to disappear ?

  1. I considers computer as a personal extension, the same way as as people born after 2000 who consider internet as a basic human need.

  2. We are shaping the future that includes more people in a transparent, participatory and accountable process, co-designed in the commons.

  3. GAFAM all runs on FOSS and contributes to FOSS, so it’s here to stay. We’re working on the procurement rules to make it more FOSS friendly, too.

  4. 公開 means “publicly available” but not necessarily modifiable (開放 “kaifang”). We use the first term for FOIA and the second term for Open Source and Open Data.

  5. I think the Uniform Resource Identifier, and software that enables it, remains the most powerful technology in politics and work.

  6. Perhaps, but not necessarily in my lifetime.