Questions about vTaiwan, JOIN and

We are a german movement to bring the joy of democracy back to the people. In our research, we found your platform vTaiwan and also the new one Join. We are very impressed with what you built there

Our questions would be:

  1. How do you manage a democratic debate from beginning to end? Which programs and tasks are important there?

  2. Do you know if these processes can be manipulated easily? Like the debate for example.
    (For example: If there is a large group of right-wing oder lobbyists participating, what impact does it have on results of our debate?)

  3. Did you execute the debates anonymously or did every participant have to verify themselves? This is the point, where we are unsure, if the debate can be manipulated.

  4. Could you give a short explanation, what exactly people can do in JOIN and how you manage it?

  5. What is the best kind of questioning for a debate in your experience?

  6. How do you read the results and use them afterwards?

  7. From your point of view, what would be an effective method to manipulate our results? What do we have to consider?

  8. How did you educate the new techniques for the Taiwanese people to use?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply — was traveling to .uk and .us.

  1. Please refer to the recommendations and frameworks here.

  2. Please refer to this discussion about gaming the system.

  3. We usually configure so one must login through social media account or through email before commenting.

  4. Please refer to this explanation and the two directives for the Join platform and the PO network.

  5. Questions co-created by a diverse set of stakeholders, described through a common neutral expression, are best for debate.

  6. Currently it is consultative — the responsible agencies need to give point-by-point feedback. There are various developments on scaling the binding power further in various directions.

  7. I would suggest a series of pre-meetings with stakeholder groups and for them to spread the URL on the same hour.

  8. Mostly through introducing them to the existing e-petitioners on the Join platform.

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