Questions from El Mundo

  1. You are the first transgender person in Taiwan’s parliament (and the youngest minister), do you feel any kind of pressure for it?

  2. Is Taiwan a gay-friendly country?

  3. Have you ever felt rejected in your political career for being trasgender?

  4. In what moment do you realise you are a post-gender person as you said? How did you manage it with your family?

  1. Taiwan’s cabinet is appointed by the Premier and the President, unrelated to the elected parliament. There’s no pressure at all; a few months after entering the cabinet, I read from Wikipedia that I’m the first transgender Minister in the world, but it does’t affect my work.

  2. Taiwan is likely one of the most friendly places in Asia.

  3. It’s entirely normal. People judge me in Taiwan by contributions that I make, regardless of whether I appear feminine or masculine any particular day. That’s really what mainstreaming means — it means it stops being a thing.

  4. Please refer to this interview with Max Kalkhof.