Questions from El País 國家報

Dear Audrey,
This is Daniel García 丹倪,journalist based in Taipei working for the Spanish newspaper El País 國家報。
First of all, congratulations for your appointment.
I’m writing a profile about you and I would like to ask you two questions:In terms of digitalization and e-Rulemaking, how would you like to see Taiwan in a few years from now?
I saw that you participated last May in the conference Common Technology and the Democratic City in Madrid, and you keep cooperating with Medialab-Prado. How do you see Spain in terms of e-Rulemaking and digitalization? Do you have some advice for us?

1-1. During September before I take the post, my visit to Europe is focused on catching up on the literature & best practices related to digital governance, and learn from public sector, private sector and civil society participants.
1-2. During October I intend to work as an “apprentice Minister” with my fellow Ministers, jointly participating in key meetings & assisting with my facilitation skills, in order to learn the challenges and structures of the current public service system.
1-3. I expect to have a more clear synthesis by the end of year — perhaps ask me that question again at that time?
2-1. I think city-level innovation is important; I’m especially impressed with the Consul system’s continuous evolution in response from the public.
2-2. One of my research interest, ICT-enabled scalable listening, is aligned with Medialab Prado’s mission, so I intend to visit Madrid late-September to build a tele-presence robotic avatar, so I can virtually visit Spain from afar to learn of your progresses in the future.
2-3. Again, once I learn more of your current structures and challenges, I’m happy to compare notes and offer my assistance by then.

Really appreciated, 感謝您的時間.
Daniel 丹倪