Questions from Kate O’Flaherty

  1. Tell me the story abut how you become Digital Minister?
  2. How did vTaiwan start and how has this developed to what it is today?
  3. Why does it work so well in Taiwan?
  4. What kind of policy decisions are made using vTaiwan currently and do you have plans to extend this to non-technology policy?
  5. If so, please can you give details?
  1. Please refer to this conversation with Ketagalan Media.
  2. Please refer to this conversation with Amaëlle Guiton.
  3. Please refer to this conversation with Reporters sans frontières.
  4. The vTaiwan process has recently contributed in passing the FinTech Sandbox Act; principles on Regulatory Adjustment for Building the Digital Economy; and Regulations of Treatment on Telemedicine. At the moment we’re having an ongoing conversation on setting up a Data Protection Agency and Guidelines for Cross-Sectoral Data Use.
  5. So far, the only non-tech topic we tackle is around the national Social Enterprise policies.