Questions from The News Lens International

Hi Audrey, I’m the journalist from The News Lens International who sent you the email this morning. Thanks for your reply and here are my questions:1. Why have you decided to join the Executive Yuan, and in general, the government?2. What changes do you think you can bring to the current government? 3. Can you briefly describe and explain your new role "digital commissar”?4. What do you hope to achieve for the government,the people and Taiwan as the digital commissar? Thank you,

  1. I was, in some ways, already interning for the position for a while through several public participation projects. :slight_smile: So I’m happy to help in a full-time setting.
  2. I’m happy to help out on “digital economy” and “open government” related issues that requires cross-ministry coordination.
  3. Using digital services to assist public servants, welcoming contributions from civic tech, open knowledge, and collaborative innovations.
  4. My focus during September is around the multi-stakeholder consultation process on FinTech and Company English Naming topics at I’ll probably find out more about what I can help when I report to duty in October.