Questions to minister Audrey Tang from Open State Foundation, Amsterdam

Questions to Audrey Tang for publication on benefits of open government

  1. Is it possible to realize a real open government?

  2. What are the most important steps to take to introduce open government?

  3. What are the benefits of an open government?

  4. You are fully open in your governance, but how can your way of working be extended to the whole of the governement organization?

  5. When confronted with the idea of open government, often people react it is not possible because of concerns of privacy, security or sustainability (data has to be arranged in such way it is also accessible in the future). How would you reply to these arguments?

  6. In the Netherlands a coalition governement is being formed right now. There is discussion whether there should be a minister for Digital Affairs for the first time. Some say it is important because digital developments are crucial in society, whereas others hold that digitalization is part of every governement issue so should be approached integrally and not as a separate dossier. Again some others say that a special minister adds weight to the issue of digitalization, whereas others hold that a minister without portfolio has no real power within the political system. What is your view on this discussion and what can you advise the Dutch people?

  7. What role do you see for an NGO such as the Open State Foundation?