regular friday meeting 20171110

  • 在 High Fidelity 中建場景目前最大的問題是建 model
  • 怎麼把現成的 model 加 rigging
  • Unity 中有許多做法,但是 Unity 沒有多人連線
  • Madrid trip 11/16 - 11/22 (talk on 11/18)
  • hope to do some demo
  • show: Ching’s bot
  • show: hifidelity scene’s
  • show: unity polis deploy to hololens
  • Unity hololens SDK -> uwp project -> vs project -> deploy to hololens (check versions)
  • MR night
  • hp, acer new vr devices
  • holotoolkit for unity
  • Beijing office
  • PLEN
  • blockchain, for banking, for IoT, for voting


Ooo I’m so curious how this came up in the context of the meeting

we were only throwing words out loud lol