Report of CCP propaganda on a Taiwanese public library for kids

Hello Audrey,

I know this is not your field but I hope you will point me in the right direction.

I have just moved to Taiwan with my family and today we went to visit the public library in ZhuWei and while my 5 year old is playing with some toys I decided to look at the books to see if by any chance the maps were representing the CCP’s view of the world map or not.

If you need to understand what I mean, check this video from China Uncensored, ot this wikipedia article:

First and only book I pickup, and I confirmed it. All map representations include the 9 dash line.
Even the “stoneage map” has the 9-dash line… Interesting to see pre-historic man already knew of the CCP’s claims.

Here are the pictures I took of the book for your reference:

As I cannot read any chinese I have no idea what other juicy information is in the book.

This was just 1 book I picked up… there are probably others.

Where should I report this to?

Live long and prosper,
Miguel Câmara

p.s: We have already finished our quarantine, which is why we went to the library

p.s2: I am fan of yours and of your work ethic/goals, only from some random interviews I have seen. I did have plans to contact you eventually, when I had time to catch up on what your office is doing and offering to contribute in some way.