Request for comments to the dialogue with the high school students in 九州、日本。

Dear Audrey Tang,

How are you doing?

I was watching the dialogue with high school students in 九州, Japan at 熊本 High School on 16th Nov. I was very glad to see you again there.

The high school students tried to listen carefully to your words and phrases, thoughts and seemed to be impressed with all of what you told.

Our Toyo Keizai is planning to write an article about this dialogue by this month, but I sent an email to ask for your comments if possible.

–What kind of impression did you have on this dialogue?

– The questions they asked you included the common worries of Japanese high school students in the digital society. What was your impression of having a conversation with these young people?

I know you’re busy and sorry to ask you like that , but I’d appreciate it if you could give me comments.

Thank you.

Keisuke Fukuda

福田恵介(Keisuke Fukuda)
解説部 編集委員

Hi! My impression is that the Japanese youth care about the same issues that young people in Taiwan care about — inclusive and sustainable innovation. I think the format is well-thought-out, the audiovisual quality excellent, and I look forward to more engagement with young people around the world in this way.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will tell you when the article is published.
Live long and prosper!