Request from a girls' high school located in Japan.

The pandemic has been ravaging Japan for more than a year now, without any light at the end of the tunnel. As for schools in Japan, the teaching staffs are constantly caught between providing the safest environment for students to study at school and at the same time reaching out to students’ academic needs. About a year ago, as part of the GIGA (Global and Innovation Gateway for All) School Program in Japan, we have implemented Google for Education learning platform in our classrooms and curriculum.
It is not an easy thing to start something new in the Japanese educational system. The handling of the pandemic in Taiwan caught international attention, and Japan is not an exception. Your ingenuity and vision have touched a great number of teachers, including our headmaster, to seek greater paths in promoting Information and communication technology in education. It would be a great honour for us if we could have your viewpoints and suggestions about certain specifics we are dealing with now. This interaction will stimulate and encourage teachers and students in any many possible ways, especially now, as the government is imposing further social restrictions to fight the pandemic.
We would love to hear from you, and thank you very much indeed for taking the time reading this message.
Yours Truly,
Michel Soung
P.S.: This is the website of our school: