Request of Collaboration!


My name is Ina, I’m a final year film student at the University of Edinburgh currently in Taipei and I want to make a short multimedia documentary using Taiwan’s COVID19 success and open source democracy as a platform to explore wider ideas of the future of the internet, democracy, and hope.

Finding an unparalleled sense of inspiration from the work of Audrey Tang at a time where the internet felt like an increasingly suffocating problem, my aim is to share this well covered topic using a more experimental, playful and artistic approach in the hopes it might reach a different audience. Less than 10 minutes in length and to be published for free online, I will collaborate with animators and combine traditional live action footage with more abstract visuals to realise this project.

The dream would be the chance to interview Audrey, focusing more on personal philosophies on solutions and activism, as well as her thoughts on various aspects of this digital age. However, I understand these are busy times and so I am wondering, failing an interview, would it be possible I used previous interview footage in this experimental documentary? Is there any archival footage I could potentially access and utilise, and if so, what would the usage rights be?

Looking forwards to hearing from you and thank you Audrey for reminding us how the light gets in,


Ina Morken