Respect and jealous,what are people thinking?

Whenever a person reveals his/her importance, and establishes a good result(whether it be fame, success, money, status or achievement in knowledge and so on…) others may become jealous, and aggressive with aversion. None the less,there are also others, who look to respect, learn, SUPPORT and follow.In your experience…1. Do these two coexist or the case of unparalleled?2. What do you think the proportions will be if both kinds of people appear at the same time?
Thank you for the respond.

  1. Personally, when I feel gratitude toward another person, I do not experience envy, so these two do not co-exist in my mind. The other positive affects you described may co-exist with envy.
  2. I care about diversity more than proportion — I’ve translated the work 「別讓圖形不開心」 ( ) from the original English version ( ) to highlight the importance of diversity.

I like variety like we enter forest that we can see different trees and animals. It will be dull if we only see people around or only one kind of tree around. It is not the way God create universe.