Speaker at OUTBio UK's 4 May Fireside Chat

Dear Minister Tang

Last week one of my company’s scientists in Taipei selected you as our company hero for International Women’s Day. She also passed on these details to me, as I’m a founding trustee of the newly formed OUTbio UK, and will be hosting a virtual fireside chat on the 4th May with other incredible LGBTQ+ innovators. The conversation will be around science and technology innovation, and the LGBTQ+ voice within it.

I’m sure that your ministerial schedule is far too busy, and that the time zones are all wrong (the virtual chat will be 18h00-19h00 UK time). Nevertheless, I thought to take a chance, and ask if you might be interested in joining the conversation as a panellist? I’m a computational biologist here in Oxford as my day job, and would love the opportunity to have computational representation in the debate. Especially now that our second science-home is in Taiwan.

Kind regards,