Sunflowers and Gov-zero questions from

  1. How did you become a member of government ? What was your work with Minister Jaclyn Tsai ?

  2. What led to the sunflower revolution and which changes in the the taiwanese society did it result in ?

  3. And what was your role during the occupation of the parliament ?

  4. How and when did you discover gov-zero ? Who is its founder ? Are you still active in gov-zero ?

  5. I read gov-zero organise several hackathons about civic techs. What are the most succesful projets born from it ?

  6. You said the rise of computing and of democracy are two parallel phenomenons in Taiwan, could you explain it ?

  1. It began with the Asia SV plan redefinition. I was an advisor of the cyberspace law reform proejct.

  2. This is explored in the interview with Maxime Vatteblé.

  3. This is explored in the interview with Marie Richeux.

  4. I became aware of it as soon as it’s founded through IRC and then later joined the MoeDict project. It’s founded by the Hacker #15 team and several other early participants. Yes.

  5. They coincided at the same time; we have the same generation growing up on the Internet as well as in democracy.