Talk and Ideate in AQ

Talk and Ideate in AQ

Shu Yang Lin, the re:architect of PDIS and the Digital Minister’s Office of Taiwan, is visiting Tokyo for Holopolis, an open experiment that aims at bring public deliberation to shared reality.


Holopolis: Public Deliberation in Shared Reality


Deliberation — listening to each other deeply, thinking together and working out something that we can all live with — is magical.

Taiwan has been experimenting with bringing citizens and government together in a civic deliberation process for crafting digital legislation. Our process, vTaiwan, brings people directly into governance and helps lawmakers implement decisions with a greater degree of legitimacy. We see our project as an adaptable and reproducible prototype for future democracy.

It is our priority to support all people in participating fully and freely. We have utilized the power of web and AI to provide full remote participation for large groups of participants, and we are now taking the platform to the next level by bringing participants into a shared reality environment. This virtual environment will welcome people with different learning inclinations to participate and contribute freely in the ways they are most comfortable. We believe that by using technology creatively humanity can facilitate deep and fair conversations, form collective consensus, and deliver solution we can all live with.

Our team consists of developers, designers and researchers who work together and share ideas and prototypes for reinventing democracy. Join us remotely or physically, all are welcome.

Some questions Chris has about the topic

How do you approach the design of a virtual environment to be fair and inclusive to people who have different levels of familiarity and preconceptions of how virtual environments work?

How does the work of design research change when designing for the needs of people in the (beyond near) future?

What does it mean to prototype a system of government, and how does approach, production process and validation differ from other types of prototyping?

Some questions Shu would like to discuss with the participants

How would you imagine a space for conversation, space for gathering people or space for hanging out look like?

How would/did you approach a futuristic project where your target audience lives in the future?

How do you perceive the word design, as in do you believe as designers we could design for others, and having ownership to our design work? In what circumstances would you open license your design work and deliverables?

Does design ever end?


Nov 2, 2017 evening


AQ is a team of designers, developers and researchers building products that help people do great things and learn from the world around them. Founded in Tokyo, 2004. In Paris since 2014.


We are inviting people from various disciplines who might be interested in taking insights/ giving feedbacks to this topic.

WIP invite list…

  • Dominique Chen
  • Charith Fernando
  • Chris Saltzburg
  • Boris Anthony