The 7th NIKKEI FT Communicable Diseases Conference

Dear Audrey,

The conference you have attended in the 7th NIKKEI FT Communicable Diseases Conference. You have deivered a special speech which was published in the FT on Jan. 28, 2021. I noticed your speech contents published in FT was incorrectly mishandled by FT intentionally with political discrimination with two points, first, you mentioned the Mask searching system was originally developed by two young men in Tainan, however, FT published said was in " Hainan Province ", gosh, Haian Province is in China, not in Taiwan. I am very angry when I saw FT said so. The second one, when you explained Taiwan Executive Yuan Prime Minister Mr. Su his advertising regaeeding no worry for tissues shortage and Mr. Su post an ad with his buttocks, FT said it is with the same pronounceation of Beijing Dialect, come out, it’s Taiwan Dialect. I urge you strongly protest FT for such discrimnation. I am very vert angry.