Tiago @PlayGround (Thank You Audrey for being such a inspiration! We've even put up your #OSOSNZ prayer on the office wall! :-)

At PlayGround, we’re a Human media company based in Barcelona. Through a millennial language, we provide people with alternatives to the current system. Video by video and action by action, we try to transcend bullshit, making Humans reconnect with their imagination.
Your answer will serve as an inspiration pill :slight_smile:
Here are the questions, thank you in advance for taking the time:

  1. How do you imagine the society you would like to live in?2. How to get from here to there?3. Could you point us to convincing alternatives of societal models? 4. What are the 3 biggest threats of technology?5. How would you define change? and what starts it?6. How could citizens organize and participate more effectively (towards change?)?7. What is needed for massive democratic participation? nationally and globally?8. What does it mean to hack a government?9. Is there a new hacker? if so, what are the responsibilities of the new hacker?10. What message would you like to send to young (digital) activists? any advice?
    Thank you again (for so much) Audrey!
  1. I imagine it through interactive simulations, such as the Parable of Polygons ( http://ncase.me/polygons/ — which I’ve translated as 別讓圖形不開心: https://audreyt.github.io/polygons )
  2. It’s already here if we live & practice it; be the change.
  3. “An Anarchist FAQ” contains references to many such models: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq
  4. Opaqueness of its workings, Exclusion of stakeholders, and Unaccountability of its consequences.
  5. Change defined is change denied. :slight_smile: It starts with imagination beyond existing definitions.
  6. Collaboration is far more effective when we trust people with similar values, but of a unfamiliar profile.
  7. Mutual care of each others’ feelings, and a willingness to seek outcomes that every participant can live with, are the keys for mass mobilization to turn into meaningful participation.
  8. It means looking at a system with weaknesses, but instead of exploiting it or fixing it, come up with new systems that connects & augments the existing governance system.
  9. Please refer to Stefanie Wuschitz’s work on a “new hacker ethics” here: http://www.slideshare.net/autang/wuschitz-dissertation-ss2014/212
  10. Share; and enjoy!

"Change defined is change denied. :slight_smile: It starts with imagination beyond existing definitions."It’s so wise and open. I would like to share it on Facebook/ public, is it ok with you? Thank you!

Sure! Everything I write here is under CC0 and feel free to share as you like.
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