Transparent tax data for nonprofit organizations in Taiwan

Hi! So great to read about all the work PDIS is doing.

I am a sociology professor at California State University, and until recently, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University. I’m Taiwanese =)
My Stanford research team and I are studying nonprofit organizations in different cities across the globe. In some countries, we were able to obtain open and transparent tax data on nonprofit organization finances online (for example, US and Australia). However, we’re very interested in civil society development in Taiwan (and especially Taipei), but can’t seem to find such nonprofit tax reports released by either the Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Interior Affairs. Does such open data exist? Are there plans to make such data open to the public (or for reseachers?)

Thank you, and again, I think PDIS is doing amazing work. So proud of Taiwan <3

Hi! Thanks for asking. Please refer to for data and for an overview of the current state of nonprofit disclosure.