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Building a global office

Designit and Cisco have enabled true collaboration beyond time and space, transforming work from a place you go, to a thing you do.

Within a five-year partnership, dozens of projects have resulted in The Cisco Collaboration System, a high-performance communication system that makes it possible for teams to meet over video. With an ambition to build an experience that is “better than being there”, the video and presentation quality meets the standards of a face-to-face meeting.

Creating a unified product experience

The way teams work has dramatically changed: work is no longer a place you go, but a thing you do. Cisco is shaping this leading trend by creating video systems that enable work to happen from anywhere, on any device. With Designit, Cisco has defined and produced products that make this dynamic work happen, and built systems that take advantage of the devices we carry around on a daily basis. As work doesn’t just happen at the desk or in the meeting room, collaborators can join meetings from their iPad, or seamlessly move a call from their phone to a meeting room.

The collaboration set out to create products with professional-grade hardware integrated with consumer user experience. Often people don’t tolerate products in their workplace that have an inferior user experience to their personal devices. Cisco Collaboration systems are built with state-of-the-art technology, but this very fact can make them intimidating to new users. To overcome this, a heavy premium was put on a “walk-up-and-use” experience, where the user is invited and delighted to use the system with both technical capability and approachable design.

Design is firmly rooted in our strategy and product development. Designit has been a trusted design partner throughout our journey from being a technology driven startup to becoming a powerhouse for user-centric design of collaborative business-grade solutions.

Hallgrim Sagen, Director of User Experience and Industrial Design at Cisco Systems
The collaboration

Designit has served as a highly integrated member of Cisco design team, spanning the spectrum from the design of cameras and microphones, to interaction design of touch and remote interfaces. Designit has also collaborated with Cisco in a variety of ways from high-level design language strategy to the tiniest details in product packaging. Designit has helped bring the user’s perspective into the design work through user testing, ensuring that products met a high user experience promise and boosted Cisco’s brand values of simplicity and efficiency.

An additional focus has been put on making high-quality video accessible by reducing manufacturing costs, making the products available to a wider range of customers. Small and medium-sized organisations will find themselves at home with the affordable SX20. With full HD video, a streamlined remote control functions as an extension of the user’s hand, so that navigating on screen is easy and eye contact can be maintained.

For bigger budgets and bigger expectations, Designit and Cisco have created an unparalleled premium experience with the SX80 bundle. Including the SpeakerTrack 60 system, it follows the active speaker, cutting to close-ups or wide-angle overviews. The bundle also includes a new table microphone, a touch remote control device, and the SX80 codec.

We have been privileged to work closely with Cisco on several levels. From design strategy to user experience and through several development projects, we have grown our knowledge and knowhow to create solutions for true collaboration.

Thomas Noreng, Creative Director and Partner at Designit
Focus on the experience, not the features

Designit has also worked closely with Cisco to change how Cisco Collaboration products are sold. Ease and intuition underline the online sales tool, Project Workplace. Through the creation of the tool, Designit and Cisco moved away from the past tech-speak of speeds and feeds, and focused on a more relatable way of demonstrating the products. The tool simply shows the power of video, and how the Collaboration System can transform any room into a collaboration center.

Making video collaboration a far simpler, smoother and more delightful experience for thousands of knowledge workers, the system went onto receive a Red Dot Award, and The Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence in 2014. To find out more about Project Workplace and experience the different spaces, visit here.